Thinking Skills

English Language Arts, Grade 8


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Study Guide Thinking Skills English Language Arts, Grade 8

THINKING SKILLS What are Thinking Skills? Thinking skills are reading tools used to better comprehend the text. Examples: o Analysis-separating the text into its parts o Classifying-arranging information into categories o Comparing and Contrasting-finding likenesses and differences between items o Drawing Conclusions-coming to a decision based on the text o Evaluating-using the text to make judgments about what you believe o Interpretation-going beyond the literal text o Making Inferences-using your own experience and the text to "read bet ween the lines" o Synthesis-putting parts of a whole together Try This! 1] What is the category for these words: diamonds, rubies, opals, and emeralds? a] gemstones b] hair colors c] precious metals d] colors 2] What conclusion can you draw from this statement? Nathan is a Cub Scout. a] Nathan is a girl. b] Nathan is two years old. c] Nathan is a boy. d] Nathan likes the color blue. 3] Point out one likeness that is sure to be true between twins. a] same parents b] same gender c] same height d] same weight © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at