Rhyming Words

English Language Arts, Grade 1


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Study Guide Rhyming Words English Language Arts, Grade 1

RHYMING WORDS What are Rhyming Words? Rhyming words have the same vowel sound and the same ending sounds. Examples: hat - bat - cat big - pig - dig Rhyming words do not always have the same vowel letter or ending letter. Examples: here - near - deer write - night toe - so - low Try this! Which word rhymes with sit? a] sat b] sip c] kit d] kid Which word rhymes with top? a] pot b] tap c] stop d] tip Which word rhymes with go? a] sew b] do c] dew d] meow © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at www.NewPathLearning.com.