Plural Ending -es

English Language Arts, Grade 2


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Study Guide Plural Ending -es English Language Arts, Grade 2

PLURAL ENDING –ES What is the rule for adding -es to make a plural? You know that most nouns are changed to plural when you add s. Examples: boy - boys, girl - girls But some nouns need the -es to change to their plural form. Here is the rule to remember. If a singular noun ends in s, ss, ch, sh, or x, add -es to form the plural. (Hint: when you say the plural you can hear an extra syllable.) End in s End in ss End in ch End in sh End in x gas - gases kiss - kisses beach - beaches dish - dishes box - boxes bus - buses dress - dresses lunch - lunches wish - wishes tax - taxes glass - glasses patch - patches bush - bushes fox - foxes grass - grasses watch - watches brush - brushes Verbs follow this rule when they have to agree with the subject. Example: wash - washes, touch - touches Try this! Choose the correct plural for each word. 1. bunch bunchs or bunches 2. mass masss or masses 3. hat hats or hates 4. shoe shoes or shoees © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at