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Study Guide Persuasive Text English Language Arts, Grade 8

PERSUASIVE TEXT What is Persuasive Text? Persuade means to convince. In persuasive text, the author attempts to convince the reader to believe that the author's viewpoint is correct. Some common persuasive techniques are: Bandwagon, Stacking the Deck, Testimonials, Citing Statistics, and Emotional Words. Bandwagon An author uses the Bandwagon technique when he/she tries to make us believe that we should do something because everyone is doing it. Stacking the Deck When an author writes favorable statements about only one side of an issue, he/she is Stacking the Deck. Testimonials When an author quotes "experts" or well-known people, he/she is using the Testimonials technique. Citing Statistics When an author lists facts and figures to support a point, he/she is using the Citing Statistics technique. Emotional Words When an author uses words that appeal to the reader's emotions, he/she is using the Emotional Words technique. Try This! 1] What persuasive technique is being used? "Everyone loves the taste of Yum-Yums." a] Stacking the Deck b] Testimonials c] Citing Statistics d] Bandwagon 2] Advertisements in magazines and on the _____ often use persuasive techniques. a] interviews b] intervals c] Internet d] intermediate 3] Which topic would be appropriate for a persuasive essay? a] how to make a birdhouse b] why cell phones should be allowed in school c] a report on the Grand Canyon d] a scary afternoon with Papa © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at