Elements of Fiction

English Language Arts, Grade 4


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Study Guide Elements of Fiction English Language Arts, Grade 4

ELEMENTS OF FICTION What are Elements of Fiction? Characters A character is a person in a story, novel, or play. Example: Cindy and Emma planned to stay up all night. They started their party by watching two movies; then they called their friends on the phone and played games on Cindy’s computer. They were having so much fun at their sleepover party. Who are the main characters in the paragraph above? Cindy and Emma are the main characters. Setting The setting in a story is WHERE the story takes place. Example: It was a beautiful day at the park. Mason and his friends played on the swings, the slides, and crawled through the wooden tunnels over and over again. Mason and his friends decided to play soccer before leaving. What is the setting of this story? The setting of this story is in the park. Plot The plot of a story is what goes on in a story. It’s the series of events that gives a story its meaning. Example: Josh and Paul worked on their Science project for three weeks. They hoped their project would win first prize at the Science Fair. The day of the fair finally arrived. Josh and Paul brought their project carefully into the gym. What is the plot of this story? The plot of this short story is that two boys were preparing a science project for a Science Fair. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at www.NewPathLearning.com.