Context Clues

English Language Arts, Grade 4


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Study Guide Context Clues English Language Arts, Grade 4

CONTENT CLUES What are Context Clues? Context clues are hints found in a text that may help to figure out the meaning of a difficult word. A context clue might be in the same sentence, the sentence before, or the sentence after the difficult word. Example 1: The magician vanished before the eyes of the audience. He was nowhere to be seen on the stage. When you read the first sentence, you may not know what the word vanished means. If you read the second sentence however, you will notice the context clue that helps you figure out what vanished means. Vanished means to not be seen anymore. Sometimes context clues are written as specific examples to help define the difficult word. Example 2: My Mom buys fresh produce, like apples and broccoli, at the store. This sentence gives you examples (context clues) to help you figure out what the word ‘produce’ means. Produce means food such as fruits and vegetables. A sentence may also include synonyms that can be used as a context clue. A sentence may include words that mean the same thing as the difficult word in the sentence. Example 3: Amy was disheartened; she was extremely sad. You may not know what the word disheartened means, but this sentence gives you a synonym of that word as a context clue to help you figure out what disheartened means. Disheartened means sad. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at