Conducting Interviews and Discussions

English Language Arts, Grade 8


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Study Guide Conducting Interviews and Discussions English Language Arts, Grade 8

CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS AND DISCUSSIONS What is an Interview? A conversation in which the purpose is to gather information is known as an interview. Elements of an Interview: An effective interview should have a clear purpose. Before an interview, the interviewer should prepare a list of questions. An interviewer should make an appointment with the person he/she is interviewing. An interviewer should be prompt for his/her appointment. An interviewer should introduce himself/herself to the person being interviewed. At the beginning of an interview, the purpose for the interview should be restated. During an interview, it is important to be polite. In order to remember information from an interview, interviewers may take notes or tape the interview. At the conclusion of an interview, the interviewer should thank the person being interviewed. A summary of an interview should be written as soon as possible after the interview. Try This! 1] Which expert would you interview for information on caring for a new puppy? a] an attorney b] a firefighter c] a veterinarian d] a librarian 2] If an interviewer records the interview, he/she should ask permission ahead of time. a] true b] false 3] Using the exact words of the person being interviewed is known as a _______. a] quatrain b] quintet c] quotation d] quorum © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at