Process of Photosynthesis

Science, Grade 6


Table Of Contents: Process of Photosynthesis

1. Chemical Equation for Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis can be summarized in a simple chemical equation. Carbon dioxide and water are converted to glucose and oxygen, with the use of the sun's energy.
2. Stage One of Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis occurs in two stages. The first stage occurs when light is captured by the chlorophyll pigments in the leaves and converted to energy in the chloroplast.
3. Water and Oxygen in Stage One
Water molecules are split and oxygen is formed in stage one.
4. Stage Two of Photosynthesis
In stage two the energy is used to change carbon dioxide and water into glucose. This requires a complex series of chemical reactions.
5. How Does the Plant Use Glucose?
The glucose sugar that is produced is used as plant food, converted to more complex compounds like cellulose, or stored for future use.
6. Oxygen Produced and Released
The oxygen that is produced exits the plant cells through the leaf stomata.