Global Warming

Science, Grade 6


Table Of Contents: Global Warming

1. The Earth is Getting Warmer
The Earth is currently in an interglacial period of warming. Many scientists believe that human activity is playing a role in global climate change. An increase in the greenhouse effect could be contributing to warmer temperatures.
2. Greenhouse Effect
A natural phenomenon called the greenhouse effect heats the Earth’s surface. This effect occurs when energy from the sun reaches the Earth as electromagnetic radiation and causes material to heat up. Atmospheric gases absorb and re-radiate this heat, keeping it close to the Earth’s surface.
3. Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
The burning of fossil fuels and massive deforestation are both human activities that are contributing to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Increases in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases enhance the greenhouse effect.
4. The Impact of Global Warming
Global warming leads to environmental changes that impact worldwide climates and biomes. Changing regional weather patterns, increasing global temperatures, and melting polar ice caps are evidence of a current global warming trend. These changes may affect crop growth, flooding, desert formation, and a rise in sea level.